Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Travel Nut

This is the third installment of my Holiday Gift Guides 2015.  You can find my previous posts here and here.  I hope you find these guides helpful when shopping for your loved ones this holiday season.

This guide is dedicated to the travel nut in your life.  I am sure there are many, many great travel gifts, but I summed up some of my favorites here.

JCrew Travel Sleep Mask If you're anything like me, falling asleep on an airplane isn't the easiest. In addition to blocking out noise, I like to keep out any light.  This mask seems like a cozy way to help block the light.

JCrew Factory Leather Passport Case I have a beautiful leather passport case and I love it.  I love how it stores my passport and boarding pass in one place.  This one from JCrew Factory comes in four great colors.  At only $17, why not get one of each?

Portable Battery Charger I don't know about you, but when I travel, my phone's battery seems to drain more quickly than when I'm home.  It's likely due to using the camera more often, as well as likely using the GPS to find where I'm going.  I like to travel with a portable charger so I can be sure I always have a charged phone.

Travel Candles This may seem like an odd one, but sometimes when I'm traveling for more than a few days, I miss home.  By lighting a candle, especially one I use at home, I immediately feel better.

Kate Spade Carry On Tote A new, colorful carry on tote sounds like a perfect gift to me.  I'm loving this one from Kate Spade as it isn't too large and it has just the right amount of pockets to keep you organized.  This seems like it would easily fit all your in-flight necessities.

More Ideas

How about you?  What travel essentials would you recommend?