DNS: Runner's World Heartbreak Hill Half & Festival

Hi there!  So, I'm a bit bummed right now.  This morning, I was supposed to run the Runner's World 5k and 10k (and was registered to run 13.1 tomorrow), but I made a last minute decision to not run.  I woke up around 4 AM and decided that although my back pain had improved since Monday, that I didn't want to risk making the pain worse by running 9.3 miles today and 13.1 tomorrow.
I had been taking it easy since Wednesday in hopes that my hip and back pain would be gone, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.  I went to the expo yesterday to pick up my bib and swag in the event that I was able to run.  I considered just walking the 9.3 miles today and doing a walk/run combo for the half tomorrow, but I knew that wouldn't be the best decision.
I have two huge events this summer (PMC weekend and my first triathlon) and I felt it was more important to be healthy for these events than to do the Hat Trick this weekend.  I went back and forth all week about what to do, and while I'm still bummed, I feel I made the right decision.  Hey, there's always next year, right?  Also, I feel like I'm at the races since so many people I follow on Twitter and Instagram are running!  I hope they're having fun!

Have you ever had to drop out of a race due to an injury?

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