Starting Fresh

Hi there!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you've been having beautiful weather like we have here in Boston!  The gorgeous weather has been my motivation to get out and get moving.

This past Sunday marked day one of my "Starting Fresh" plan.  After two weeks of lacking motivation to do anything active, I decided to get off my tush and move!  I also decided it's the perfect opportunity to clean up my diet.  This time of year is great for fresh produce, so timing was perfect!  My main goal with starting fresh is to just get moving - whether it's for a run, swim, or walk. I just want to move at least one hour a day.

So far, my week has been going well. Granted, it's only the start of day three, but I'm feeling confident!  I went for a four mile run on Sunday which included some trail miles. Yesterday, I walked for an hour. My hips and back were really tight from my run, so I opted for a walk. I feel much better today (still sore, so getting in some stretching today), so I'm hoping to get in a bike ride. I'm not sure what's up for tomorrow since we're getting some rain, so maybe a swim or a spin class!

I'm hoping to keep up with my plan for a while.  For me, I need to see progress (increased fitness, weight loss, etc) so that I feel motivated to continue.  I easily get frustrated and just want to give up when I don't see progress.  I think I just need to stay positive this time around.

What about you?  Do you find yourself unmotivated and having to start fresh?  How do you stay motivated?

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