What I've Been Up to Lately

Yikes!  I just realized it's been a while since I've posted.  How have you been?  Did you miss me?  I know I missed you all!  I owe you a post on my 21-Day Fix experience and hope to have that for you soon.  I've also been working on the redesign of my blog and I am getting very excited.  The new site should hopefully be live in a few weeks!

Since I know you haven't had much fun because of my lack of posts, I'll bring you up to date on what I've been up to lately!  :)

I've been on a serious avocado toast kick again.  Lately, I've been sprinkling red pepper flakes on top instead of hot sauce.  It adds a nice, subtle kick!

I registered for the Disney 10k which is in January and am contemplating the half, too.  I am just not sure I'll want to keep up with much running after the NYC Marathon, so I will wait a bit before I decide.

I got a cut and color!  Not really a big deal since I get a color every six weeks (thanks for the white temples, MOM!) and a cut every 12.  But, I got balayage and I love it!  I am also loving the shorter cut!

I enjoyed a couple trail runs at Minuteman National Park.  I just love that trail!

Of course I spectated the Boston Marathon.  This is somewhere near Heartbreak Hill and the man across from us (in yellow hat) was handing out Miller High Life. Gotta love it! My friend Lisa and her daughter ran it and they looked strong!  Neither of them are in this photo -- it's a photo of a woman (orange shorts) I thought I knew.  I even tagged her in the photo on Instagram and she was like nope, not me!  Haha!

While out and about with Alison, we had to pull over to capture this gorgeous sunset over the pond!

Another favorite run spot: Jamaica Pond.  These turtles were out working on their tans!

What have you been up to since we last checked in?  :)