What I'm Loving Lately VII

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I have a fairly low key weekend ahead of me and I couldn't be happier.  It's been a while since I've created a What I'm Loving Lately post, so here you go!  Below you'll find a list of what makes me happy these days.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Yes to Coconut Protecting Hand and Cuticle Cream

I have been using Yes to Carrot products for a while, and recently stumbled upon this at Target.  During the winter, I am constantly applying lotion and I've found I don't need to reapply as often when using this lotion as it is nice and thick, yet absorbs really well.  I love anything coconut, so the scent is an added bonus.  Made with both coconut oil and shea butter, this cream absolutely helps to soften and smooth your dry, cracked skin.


I'm a little late to the game, but I recently discovered Bitmoji and I'm obsessed!  I think my friends may be ready to block me because I am constantly texting them with random Bitmojis.  It's super fun - you create an avatar which is used in various memes which you can text, email or post to Facebook.  It's silly, but keeps me entertained for a while.  I clearly need a new hobby!

Voluspa Maison Blanc Macaron Candle

After seeing this in a recent post by How Sweet It Is, I had to have one.  The candle is made from coconut wax and it smells so good.  The scent is very light, which is great since it is a tad on the sweeter side.  I think it's a great transition scent, especially since we've been having unseasonably warm weather these past few weeks.  The price is a little more than I would normally spend on a candle, but it really is worth it.  I've burned it for two days straight and I feel like it will last a long time!

New Balance Vazee Rush

After trying the Vazee Pace and not totally loving them (I can wear them on the treadmill, but my shins hurt when running outdoors), I was hesitant to try these.  My friend gave me a pair to try and I immediately loved them!  I have been wearing them almost exclusively (alternate with my Fresh Foam Zantes) and I haven't had any problems with them.  The farthest I've run in them is a 10k, so I can't speak to how they'll do for longer distances, but I highly recommend these.  They're comfy and a great neutral shoe.

Mary's Gone Crackers

I've been eating these crackers for a while, but I decided I'd talk about them today as my friends and I enjoyed them during our hotel happy hour this past weekend in NYC.  These crackers are organic, gluten free, vegan and full of goodness.  Even though they are nut free, the seeds make the crackers taste super nutty, which I love.  I always have a box on hand for snacking -- I especially love them with hummus.  Yum!

Now it's your turn.  What have you been loving lately?