Trader Joe's Haul and Meal Planning - Week of 2/7

Happy Saturday!  I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.  I started off mine with a workout before heading to Trader Joe's for my weekly grocery shopping trip.  I'm trying to get better about buying only the food I will need for the week, but with so many great products at Trader Joe's, it's hard not to pick up a few extras!

I love reading other blogger's posts about meal planning and shopping since it often gives me new ideas when I'm in a rut.  It's also a great way to discover new products.  I thought I would start a weekly blog series showing you my grocery store haul(s) (sometimes it's more than one store!), as well as my menu for the week.  Hopefully this will inspire some of you if you're ever in a food rut!

I didn't have an actual plan written down when going shopping, but I had an idea in my head of what I wanted to make for meals next week.  The following is what I picked up specifically for my menu:

The following items were purchased as impulse buys to stock up my pantry and fridge/freezer:
On the menu for this week:
Sunday - Slow cooker BBQ ribs from Julie Bauer's cookbook with leftover roasted acorn squash and roasted broccoli
Monday - Skinnytaste's slow cooker buffalo chicken lettuce wraps with leftover veggies (the obsession continues!)
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Shrimp fried "rice" (hoping to create a recipe good enough to share)
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Dinner in NYC!

My breakfasts will be egg sandwiches with a side of fruit.  Lunches will be leftovers (leftover burgers, as well as leftovers from dinner.  Snacks will be fruit, hummus with veggies, string cheese, yogurt or popcorn.  I always make sure I have plenty of options for snacks!

What's on your menu for next week?  As you can see, I eat a lot of leftovers!  Since it's just me most nights, I prefer to make larger meals a few nights and eat the leftovers throughout the week.  It really saves me on nights I work late.

What's your favorite grocery store?  Favorite Trader Joe's buy?

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