Five Favorite Fitness Apps

Hi!  Could this really be the last full week of February?!  Since we're already two months into 2016, it seems like a good time to check in with yourself and see how you're doing with your fitness goals.  While I don't have any formal goals set for myself, I have made some small lifestyle changes over the past eight weeks.  To make these changes and stay motivated, I use a few different fitness apps.

I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to discuss my favorite fitness apps!

There are so many fitness-related apps out there today, so it's hard to narrow them down to just five.  Some of these I've been using for a while, and others are a little newer to me.  These are apps I use most frequently to help get me moving and stay motivated.

This is probably the fitness app I use most.  Runkeeper is a great app to track your activity - whether it's running, swimming, cycling or walking.  I find it very user friendly and I like how you can follow along with your friends on their fitness journey.  Runkeeper often has challenges for its users to participate in, which I think is fun.  The challenges motivate you to move more in order to complete the challenge.  Runkeeper also links up to many other apps, such as MyNB and MyFitnessPal.  I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new fitness app.

MyNB is New Balance's loyalty reward program.  Second to Runkeeper, this is the app I use most.  You can earn points to redeem for products, race bibs and experiences (hello - a weekend in CA with a New Balance trainer?!).  Points can rack up pretty quickly by making purchases on or following them on all their social media outlets.  There are three reward levels: bronze, silver and gold.  Each level has its own benefits such as free shipping and personalized offers.  You even earn points for exercising!  The rewards are definitely motivation to get me moving!

RockMyRun is a fun app.  It's basically like having your own personal DJ come along with you on your workout.  You can choose from 1,000s of playlists to suit your mood.  I like to use RockMyRun when I am tired of my own music and it never fails to pump me up.  What's even better is you can set the tempo of the songs to match your workout.  Looking to PR at your next race?  Let RockMyRun help you by getting you to move just a little faster and keep you going.

Wahoo Fitness
Wahoo has a whole suite of apps ranging from cycling to wellness apps.  I use the Wahoo TIKRX heart rate monitor while working out and it pairs with the Wahoo fitness app to track my heart rate.  The app is great since it tracks all my workouts in one place and I can easily see my progress.  The app is compatible with a variety of fitness apps such as Runkeeper and MapMyFitness.  I've been using this app in place of my Polar watch as I have found it to be nearly as accurate when it comes to distance.  You can set up workout profiles and customize them with a variety of displays -- it's really user friendly.

MINDBODY is an online service where you can book fitness classes, as well as manicures, massages and other spa services.  This app is great if you take classes at multiple studios - you don't have to manage multiple apps to book your classes.  A nice feature of the app is you can easily search for studios in your area so you can try something new.  The best feature is that all my classes are in one place, so it is easy to schedule my week, which helps keep me organized.

What are your favorite fitness apps?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies - they're just some of my favorites.  All text and opinions are my own.

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