What I'm Loving Lately III

Good morning.  Happy Friday!  I don't know about you, but I've had a long week and I can't be happier that Friday is finally here!  I am hoping today goes by quickly because I have lots of fun spring activities planned as well as a visit with my mom on Sunday.  Happy Mother's Day to all you moms and mom-like figures out there!

1. Lightweight scarves  Since we've been having some warmer weather, I've been busting out my lightweight scarves to pair with my outfits.  It's a nice way to add a pop of color as well as helping me stay warm during my morning commute.  Not to mention, the AC is blasting in my office, so the scarf sure comes in handy.  I've been eyeing this scarf - don't you love the colors?

2. Drop Earrings Now that my hair has grown out a bit, I can pull it back into a very small ponytail.  This means I can wear earrings that can actually be seen!  I love how light these are and they go with almost everything.  They're on sale right now, too!

3. Gold sandals I wore out the soles on my gold sandals last year, so I bought a new pair for this season.  These are so comfy and they pair so well with everything from jeans to maxi dresses!  I love how gold is a neutral so they can be worn with just about any color!

4. Smoothies I've been on a smoothie kick lately.  I'm not sure if it's because of the warm weather, or if it's just a quick way to sneak in fruits and veggies, but I can't get enough!  This morning, I made one with coconut milk, unflavored whey powder, mango, pineapple, banana, and raspberries.  It was delicious!

5. Honey Stinger Waffles I first had these last spring during a bike ride and have loved them ever since.  I haven't had them in a while since I only eat them while on a ride, but I recently stocked up on them for some upcoming rides this weekend.  They are so good!  Nice and light, but provide some sustainable energy.  My favorite flavor is chocolate, and I can't wait to try the lemon!


6. Starbucks Unsweetened Iced Green Tea - or any unsweetened iced green tea, for that matter!  I can't get enough!  I drive right past Starbucks on the way to work.  It's only a drive thru, so if the line is short, I pull in and get my tea.  I love it because it's so refreshing and has zero calories!

What have you been loving lately?

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