Triathlon Training Update

Happy Friday!  Has this week flown by for any of you?  It's been a super fast week for me!  So, I think the last time I graced you with my presence, I told you that I'd just signed up for my first triathlon.  I thought I'd let you know how my training is coming along.

I started swim lessons four weeks ago.  I know how to swim, but not competitively.  So, I decided to enroll in an intermediate swim class at my Y.  The first two weeks were great.  We did lots of drills to help strengthen our freestyle stroke.  Now we're getting into other strokes, such as the butterfly and the breaststroke.  I'm less interested in these strokes and would much rather do freestyle laps and drills.  I did ask my instructor (who happens to be the same instructor as the triathlon class I'm starting in a few weeks) if the triathlon training class will use these strokes and he ensured me that they focus on just the freestyle.  Phew!  I'm pretty good at the freestyle, but I am terrible when it comes to the other strokes!

Now that my triathlon training is well underway, I thought I'd share how a typical workout week goes for me:

SU: Rest or spin
MO: Rest or spin (depending on what I did Sunday)
TU: Track work with my half marathon training group (more on that soon)
W: Swim lessons and sometimes I throw in a spin class before for fun
TH: Run
F: Rest or swim
SA: Long run

This week has been a horrible week for training (read: training was completely derailed due to an aggressive deadline at work), so I hope to get back on track this weekend.  I have a 10 mile training run on the schedule for tomorrow morning.  Then after that, I will head to Soul Cycle for a complimentary ride from Racked Boston.  Sunday, I have a 5k, which should be fun in the rain!  :)

Are you training for anything?  How's your training coming along?

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