2014 Fitness Goals

Hi!  How is it almost the new year?  Yikes!  This year has flown by so quickly.  Now that Christmas is over, I have been thinking about my fitness goals for 2014.  I think I'll just get right to it!

Put my health before my job - I know this is easier said than done, so this will definitely have to include a change in my exercise habits so that I don't let my job get in the way of my workouts.  I fell out of my eating and exercise habits a few years ago when I worked 12 hour days.  My current job isn't as busy, so I hope that I can get back into a routine and stick with it.

Improve my eating habits - I have really let this fall to almost the bottom of my list.  Generally, I eat well, but I have found that lately (not just during the holidays) I have allowed myself to indulge more often.  Overall, I feel better when I eat well.  If I feel better from eating well, won't I want to work out even more?  :)

Participate in my first triathlon - I figured since I already run and bike, a triathlon was the natural next step.

Run my third marathon - I really would love to run my third marathon in the fall.  I haven't chosen one yet, but NYCM or Chicago would be awesome!

Try something new - I actually started this one already.  I took a Pure Barre class earlier this week and I won't lie - I hated it!  Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and were keeping up with the instructor.  This made me feel totally lost and out of shape.  But, I remembered that everyone's abilities are different and I have to start somewhere.  After my muscles felt better (three days later!), I decided I didn't hate the class and signed up for one next week.

I know many runners set goals to PR, but I am really just looking to become healthier and more fit overall.  I think once I get to a point where I am in better overall shape, I can focus on my speed.

Now it's your turn - Have you set any fitness goals for 2014?  What are they?

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