Training Update

Hi there.  Happy Friday!  This has been a long week and I thought the weekend would never get here!  I just wanted to check in for a quick minute to let you know how my half marathon training is coming along.  This week, I managed to get in three runs and I have two scheduled for this weekend.  Here's a quick recap:

M:   3.35 miles on the treadmill (added in some sprints for the last mile)
T:    2 hilly miles (Election Day - Ran to and from the polls!)
TH: 2 miles with 1/2 mile warm up, 10x100m sprints, 1/2 mile coold down

I am running some trails tomorrow with a couple of friends.  I have no idea how far we'll go and the trail we're running is a bit hillier than I'm used to.  I'm excited to be out on the trails!  Sunday, my plan is to run six miles - I am hoping to get up and motivated early!

I'm mostly happy with my training this week.  Although I wish I'd gotten in some more miles, I am happy I got in two speedwork sessions, as well as one with hills.  Currently, my traning schedule has me running three times a week, but that is being bumped to four next week.  I feel I am getting back to a good place with running.  As long as I listen to my body and be sure to stretch, I think I will be okay for the remainder of my training.

Have a great weekend.  Any exciting running plans?

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