Half Marathon Training Check In

Wow!  It's already Friday?  Normally, four day workweeks drag for me, but work has been busy which helped to make the week fly by quickly!  I'm so ready for this weekend!  I'm headed to Stratham, NH tomorrow morning to take part in the Krempel's King of the Road challenge.  I'll be riding as part of Team SHO-AIR.  The folks at SHO-AIR were generous enough sponsor a team of riders and I couldn't be more stoked!  After the 30 mile ride, we'll be able to hang in the beer garden with cycling celebrities like Ted King.  I can't wait!

I'm wrapping up week three of my half marathon training and so far, I've had a really good week.  Last week's training fell a bit to the wayside as I've recently started a new job and I've had some pretty long days - In early and out late.  So even though I've been busy with work this week, I've made sure to get in my training runs.  It probably doesn't hurt that my motto for this training cycle is #neversurrender.  You read that correctly.  My friend, Alison and I will text each other with this hashtag, along with #corey when we need some motivation.  Hey, it may be weird, but it works!

Here's my recap:

Sunday: Rest since I ran 13.1 the day before.  In hindsight, I probably should have walked or ran a bit since my legs were sore for much longer than usual.
Monday: Rode 12 miles and went for a hike/walk (about two miles)
Tuesday: Ran three miles
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Four mile tempo run
Friday: Not sure yet - Maybe a walk
Saturday: 30 mile bike ride
Sunday: Scheduled five mile run

All in all, not too bad of a week.  My legs are feeling good today and I want to keep them fresh for my workouts I have scheduled for this weekend.

What are you up to this weekend?  Hope it's a great one!

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