Windy Run!

Hi! Happy Tuesday! Our brush with spring-like weather seems to be over and temps are back in the 40s. While it's really sunny (60 degrees is the sun!), the wind makes the temps feel a good 10 degrees cooler!

I decided to head over to my new favorite park and get in a walk/run. I figured as long as it was sunny, it wouldn't be too bad! Was I wrong! I could only get in a mile before I needed to get inside. I wore four layers, but that wind was just too much to handle! I'm bummed I didn't get more time, but one mile is better than none, right?

I needed to pick up a few groceries, so after my walk, I headed over to Harvest Co-Op to get a few things. The store was recently remodeled (and I think in a new location altogether). It was my first visit to the Co-Op and I was a little underwhelmed. I think I went in with high hopes of finding new and different products. The store is small, but it does offer a good selection of natural, organic, and many local products. I liked how the store called out their local products.  I also was pleasantly surprised to find they sold beer and wine. I like how they had coconut water in the cooler right next to the wine. I guess it's a good idea to pick up your booze and a little hangover prevention at the same time! :)

How's the weather near you?  Are you ready for it to just be warm already?

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