Upcoming Races

Hello and happy Thursday!  It seems like winter is still here as it's only in the 20s right now!  The cold won't be around long as it will be in the upper 50s early next week.  You have to love winters in New England!  Let's just hope the weather stays mild for the next month so I can get in some good outdoor training runs!

I finally sat down the other day and committed to a spring race schedule.  I know most people have their race schedule already planned by now, but I haven't been in the greatest shape and I was tired of spending money on races, only to DNS.  I thought if I assessed my fitness each race season, I would be able to choose races based on my current abilities.  I have a history of choosing race X as my goal and end up not being prepared, so I just don't bother running the race.  I think my approach this year will be better for me mentally as I won't beat myself up for not pushing myself and being prepared.  I think my wallet will appreciate it as well!

With that said, here is my race schedule for the next few months.  I'm running a few of these races because my running group, Thirsty Irish Runners, has signed up for them and I know they'll be fun!

3/19 - Mick Morgan 5k
4/3 - Seagull Six
4/24 - Run for Charlotte (haven't decided if I should go for the 5k or 10k, but I can always change the day of the race)
5/13-14 - Ragnar Cape Cod
5/15 - Newburyport River Run 1/2 Marathon (so, I signed up for this not realizing it was the same weekend as the relay.  I am hoping I can downgrade to the 5k!)
5/21 - Brooklyn Half

What about you?  What are your running plans for the spring?

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