Happy, happy Friday, friends!  I am so excited for the weekend!  We will have more spring-like temps and Sunday is Daylight Saving Time!!!  So pumped!  I have a fun weekend ahead of shopping, running and relaxing.  I can't wait!  What are you up to?
This post was inspired by Julie and I thought today would be a great day to share my version.  It's a pretty fun survey and I'm considering sharing one every few months.

Currently Cooking

Since smoothies don't count as cooking, I would have to say I am currently cooking lots of cauliflower fried "rice".  I can't seem to get enough of it and it makes an almost weekly appearance on my menu.

Currently Anticipating

Spring and Daylight Saving Time!  We have had quite the mild winter here in Boston and I am just itching for the warm weather to stay!  I know winter in New England can go well into spring, but we have had such mild temps lately, I am getting really excited to see the trees bud and getting outside more.

Currently listening To

Adele.  Yes, I am still listening to her new album on a regular basis, as well as some songs from her older albums.  I just can't get enough Adele!

Currently Craving

A massage!  My quads and shoulders have been really sore lately and foam rolling hasn't helped much.  I may schedule a massage for next week to help get some relief.  Any recommendations for a good massage in the Boston area?

Currently Drinking

Grady's cold brew with Califia better half unsweetened almond milk and coconut creamer.  While I enjoy hot coffee, I have been craving more iced coffee these days.  I drink iced coffee year round, but come spring and summer, I have a pitcher full of iced coffee on the ready at all times.  I use Grady's cold brew bags (which reminds me, I need to order more!) to make a big batch on Sunday and it lasts me all week.  I just started using the creamer as I finally found it yesterday at Whole Foods.  I'm a big fan of the light coconut and almond flavor - AND it is unsweetened!

Currently Daydreaming About

The New York City Marathon.  I still can't believe I was selected in this year's lottery.  I have my hotel booked and now I am trying to read up on anything I can about the race -- how travel to the start, the course, the crowds.  I can't wait!

Currently Indulging In

Strawberries by the pound!  I know this doesn't seem like an indulgence, but I have been eating so. many. strawberries, I may turn into one!  I normally don't buy strawberries this early in the season as they are usually pretty tasteless, but I was drawn in by how good they smelled.  This season's berries have been super flavorful.  In the past two weeks, I have purchased at least five pounds of strawberries.  It didn't hurt that organic strawberries are on sale 3/$10 at Whole Foods.  I just prepped a pound of them and put them in the freezer for smoothies.

Currently Avoiding

Cleaning out my spare room/home gym.  I always keep the door closed on this room since I can't stand to look at the mess, yet I keep putting off cleaning it up and organizing.  I have almost all the components I need to make my home gym fully functional, but I am lacking any motivation to do it.  I need a solid two days of no commitments to clean out the room and get it in order.  I also need to hit up IKEA for a storage unit I have been eyeing.  Maybe I'll have some extra time in April.

Currently Needing

A COLOR!  I am in desperate need of getting my hair colored.  Luckily, I have a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon to get my hair colored and I couldn't be happier.  I can't decide if I'll stay with my usual or maybe try something a little more fun.

Currently Coveting

This pistachio ice cream with Nutella fudge swirls.  OMG!  This looks delicious!  I cannot wait to make this soon.  I will have to wait until I start getting into my really long runs for marathon training so I can eat all of it.  :)

Currently Loving

Fresh flowers!  I have started getting into the habit of picking up a bouquet of flowers each week while grocery shopping.  I picked up some beautiful orange tulips yesterday at Whole Foods and I plan to go back today as they are having a sale on them --  3/$12!  I must also mention I picked up a bouquet at Wegmans nearly three weeks ago and it still looks great!  I've changed the water regularly and picked out a few dying buds here and there, but they still look awesome.  The price was a little higher than I like to pay for flowers, but I can tell you it is worth it!

Currently Reading

Do blogs counts as reading?  I'm terrible and haven't read much of anything lately.  I have so many books I have started and really need to finish.  I've been working from home a lot more lately, so I lose some of my reading time since I am not commuting as often.  I know this is an excuse and I really should get back into reading.  I do miss being wrapped up in a story, so maybe I'll pick up a book this weekend!

Currently Watching

I don't know why I never watched this before, but I cannot get enough of Last Man Standing.  I have been watching reruns (thank you Hallmark and Freeform for playing reruns every day) and didn't realize it still airs in primetime on Fridays.  If you haven't watched Last Man Standing, I recommend it as it is funny and mindless.  It's perfect for a Friday night in with a glass of wine.

Your turn! Pick a few currently and answer below.