Quick and Easy Peach Topping Recipe

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  It's a rainy one here, so I was craving something a little different for breakfast.  I decided to have eggs and waffles, but also wanted something a bit sweet (I blame it on all the smoothies!).  I spotted peaches in the freezer, so I decided to whip up a quick topping for my waffles.

I've been making fruit sauce like this for a long time, but figured I'd share the recipe with you today.  The best part of this recipe is that it is completely customizable -- you can easily switch up the fruit to whatever you have on hand.  This is great with mixed berries!  The recipe can be easily multiplied, too.

Quick and Easy Peach Topping
Serves: 1

1 cup peaches (fresh or frozen)
1-2 t water (depending on if you use fresh or frozen)
1 T brown sugar or sweetener of your choice (may need to adjust amount depending on which sweetener you use)
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of salt
Splash of vanilla
Pinch of cornstarch or some other thickener (optional)

Add all ingredients to a saucepan and cover.  Simmer over low heat until peaches are soft and warmed through.  If sauce is too thin, add cornstarch and stir to combine.  Cook for a few minutes longer to thicken.


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