Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 Highlights

Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving.  My day was fairly low key and was spent enjoying delicious food with my family.

I started my Thanksgiving by sleeping in a bit and it was wonderful.  After some coffee and relaxing, I got going on the side dishes I was making for dinner.  Thanks to lots of prep Wednesday night, I didn't have a lot to do Thanksgiving morning.  I put together the butternut squash lasagna Wednesday evening, but waited to bake it until Thursday.  I loosely followed this recipe - I highly recommend making this lasagna!  I also roasted up some Brussels sprouts and tossed with bacon and dried cranberries.  My favorite!  I also baked a chocolate bourbon pecan pie as well as a Nantucket pie and sugar cookies.  I wish I had a slice of that pecan pie today.  Yum!

After all my cooking and baking was done, I jumped on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  I had originally planned to workout for at least an hour, but I got a late start thanks to my lazing around.

After a quick shower, I loaded up the car and headed to my parent's house.  I spent the day catching up with my family, playing with the kids and eating lots of yummy food.  My siblings (two out of three) and I slept over my parent's house which was a fun way to end the day.

I woke up bright and early Friday morning.  I had to work, but it's not too bad when you're in your PJs, sipping coffee and eating pie!  After breakfast and a little work, my sister and I went for a walk to burn off some of the extra calories we consumed on Thursday.  We encountered quite a few turkeys on our walk.  I wonder if they were looking for their missing friends! :)

My brother's birthday was Friday, so my other sister and her family joined us for leftovers and birthday pie.  The rest of my day (and weekend, really) was spent in my PJs and lounging around on the sofa.  I can't say I'm upset about that!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy some relaxing time away from work.

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