Work to Do

How is this week half over already?  I'm not complaining, but I feel like time is flying!  Before I know it, PMC weekend will be here and I am far from ready!

Yesterday afternoon I went on a training ride along the Minuteman Bikeway.  I parked at my friend Alison's house as she's right near the start of the bike path.  Out and back totals about 22 miles.  I started out a bit late and it was already in the 80s plus what felt like 100% humidity.  Luckily, the path is fairly shaded, but there are some open areas that offer no protection from the sun.  The heat didn't bother me too much until around mile 18.
 I stopped at the Bedford Depot for a short rest.  I felt good on the ride, but it just made me realize how much work I have to do over the next five and a half weeks so that I can finish my 192-mile trek from Sturbridge, MA to Provincetown, MA.  After about 15 minutes and a quick snack, I got back on my bike and headed back to Alison's.  On the way back, I passed a woman walking her llama!  I'll be sure add that to my list of "strange things seen while biking".
I was almost finished with my ride when I bumped into Alison and her dog, Roy!  I ended up going to the dog park with them and I was perfectly okay walking my bike home the rest of the way.  I opted to take today as my rest day as it's just too hot and humid to do anything where I am not constantly cooled by the AC.  I'm looking forward to getting in a long ride tomorrow when the weather will be much cooler and less humid.

Enjoy your evening!

What's the strangest thing you've seen while out exercising?

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