Beach Day

What a beautiful Tuesday we're having!  We've been having some great weather lately, and I couldn't be happier!  I hope you all had some nice weather this weekend and were able to enjoy it.

This weekend went by so quickly.  Here's the CliffsNotes version - I babysat my niece on Friday and my nephews Saturday and Sunday.  Since I watched my nephews at my parent's house, we all had Father's Day pancakes with my dad.  I was totally exhausted from watching them - I really don't know how parents do it!

Yesterday, I had a busy day ahead of me, so I headed out for about a two mile walk/run at my favorite park.  
I quickly came home to shower and pack a cooler since I was headed north of Boston to go strawberry picking then head to the beach!  My friend had called on Sunday to confirm there would be strawberries available, but when we arrived, we were told the berries weren't quite ready for picking.  Bummer!  I ended up buying a quart of berries because I can't pass up local strawberries.  They're so sweet and delicious and nothing like the ones we import year round.
Since we weren't able to pick strawberries, we headed right to the beach.  I'd never been to Crane Beach before and it was beautiful!  We arrived around 11 and stayed until after 4.  It was the perfect day - not too hot with a slight breeze.  Although the water was cold, it wasn't numbing like the Atlantic Ocean can be this early in the season!  I can't wait for another beach day!

I have a few things I need to do around the house, then I'm off for a bike ride!  What are you up to today?