Spring Cleaning for Your Bathroom

Disclaimer: This post is inspired by Dollar Shave Club, however all opinions are my own

Hi!  Happy Saturday!  With the weather finally being so nice here in Boston, I have decided to start doing some spring cleaning.  Today is really warm, but raining, so it's the perfect opportunity to open the windows, crank up the tunes and get clean and organized!  My first area to tackle?  The bathroom!

If you're anything like me, you love trying new beauty products including everything from hair care products to makeup!  Because of this, I have accumulated quite a few products over the years.  Some have been winners that I use almost daily, but many have fallen into the product graveyard!  But, I can't seem to part with those products.  I tell myself that I'll try them again to see if I've changed my mind, but that never happens.

I keep two sets of makeup - my everyday makeup (in the small bag) and my special occasion makeup (think glitter!).  For some reason, the train case has old tubes of mascara, broken bronzers, and empty eyeshadow containers.  I guess I'm a bigger pack rat than I thought!

So, after hemming and hawing about what to keep and what to ditch, I finally have a (somewhat) neat makeup case which hopefully contains only products I will use regularly.  Technically, I still have my everyday makeup bag and the train case has all the other less used makeup, but I everything is so neat and organized...  if only it could stay this way!  :)

Some other products that I can't seem to part with, even though I don't use them (or use infrequently)?
What about you?  Do you do any sort of spring cleaning?  What items do you hang onto even though you don't use them?

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