Sunday Set Up

Hi.  Happy Sunday!  I hope you're staying warm.  How has your weekend been?  I've had a nice, relaxing weekend so far.  I've gotten in some great workouts (five mile run on Saturday and a 7:15 am spin class this morning) and I got to spend time with my adorable baby niece.

I thought I'd start a weekly post titled, you guessed it "Sunday Set Up".  I look at this post as a way of making me more accountable when it comes to my workouts throughout the week.  Eventually, I'd like to include my weekly meal plan, but I haven't gotten there quite yet.  I hope to add that in sometime in the next few weeks.

So, here goes:

Sunday: Spin (took a 7:15 am (???) class)
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Run (3-4 miles)
Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Spin
Saturday: Run (6 miles)

I'm hoping to be able to keep up with this schedule.  It's a bit more aggressive than my usual workout schedule, but I have been on a roll lately, and I want to keep it going!  I may switch it up a bit and add a swim in there at some point.  I'll have to see how my body feels and I may need to add in another rest day.  I am happy with exercising five days a week, so six would be awesome!

What are your exercise plans for the week?  Do you do anything to make yourself more accountable?

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