Lacking Motivation

Happy Wednesday!  We've been enjoying some beautiful Autumn weather here in Boston, but that will quickly change today as the temps drop and highs will be only in the 50s. I broke down and turned the heat on the other day, but only for 20 minutes to get the chill out of the air.

The cool temps,  saddled with an aggressive deadline at work has left me lacking any motivation to exercise. My diet is suffering as well. It always seems that when I don't exercise, I crave less than healthy foods. I know I'll get out of this funk and be back on track, but it's hard not to stress about my lack of motivation...  Not to mention any weight gain that may occur!

What do you do when you're busy with work or life in general and can't seem to get in your workouts?  Any words of wisdom? I had been using my mantra of #neversurrender, but seems I need more than that right now.  Help!  :)

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