Chocolate Island Boost Review

When Island Boost asked bloggers if they were interested in trying their latest flavor gel, I jumped at the opportunity.  While I hadn't yet tried Island Boost, I'd read a lot of great things about both their company and gels.  What really got me interested was that their gels are made with the highest quality, all natural ingredients.  Island Boost gels are vegan, gluten, and free of artificial sweeteners.

Island Boost has just finished formulating their latest flavor - CHOCOLATE!  Let me tell you - this was the best tasting chocolate (or any flavor, actually) gel that I've ever had!  It tastes like pure, melted love chocolate.  I decided to take a gel with me to try during a half marathon this past weekend.  I had a gel around mile five and I immediately felt better.  What's even better to me, the eating-gel-and-drinking-water-while-running-challenged?  You don't need water with Island Boost's gels!  That's right.  No choking down sticky gels and no water required.

I pinky swore that I would not disclose the ingredients as the recipe has yet to be patented.  I am, however able to share a few great things about Island Boost gels:

Now for the only bad thing I can say about this gel - It's not yet available for purchase as Island Boost hasn't been able to obtain the funding needed to complete FDA testing and produce chocolate Island Boost.  Island Boost is a small, amazing company and they need your help to get this awesome new product on the market.  Take a look at their campaign and maybe you can help them reach their goal.  There are lots of great ways to contribute - From purchasing a 10-pack of their gels to creating your own custom flavor and more!  I ordered my gels and visor today!

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What do you use as fuel when you exercise?  Are you a chocolate fan?

Disclaimer:  Island Boost generously sent me free samples to try and to blog about.  All opinions are my own.

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