2013 Krempel's King of the Road Challenge


This past Saturday, I participated in the 2013 Krempel's King of the Road Challenge. Team SHO-AIR generously sponsored 50 riders this year. They covered our fundraising minimum and registration fees. Each team member only had to donate $50, which is such a bargain for an amazing cause and awesome experience!

My friend, Alison and I headed up to Stratham, NH bright and early Saturday morning.  We had been so excited for this event for weeks and the day to ride with Ted King was finally here!  Shortly after we arrived, we checked in, picked up some cool swag and then changed into some warmer clothing.  The air was a tad cooler than I had expected, so luckily I packed a few warm options.  After about an hour of stalking Ted King chatting with some vendors, it was time to ride!

The weather was perfect and the scenery was amazing.  I am not quite skilled enough to snap a photo while riding, so unfortunately I wasn't able to get any pictures of the beautiful foliage.  I am happy there was lots to see while riding because it helped keep my mind off of the hills.  Oh, the hills!  They felt endless - Just as you finished cruising down a hill, it was time to go up another.  The first 16.5 miles were just hill, after hill, after hill.  Luckily, the second half of the ride was a bit more flat.

After the ride, there was lots of delicious food (hello, tacos and BBQ pizza!) and beer.  Alison and I hung out for a bit and watched the riders finish.  After a bit, a large group of those riding the 62 mile route crossed the finish.  It was pretty cool to see such a large group finish.  We were even lucky enough to chat with Ted King for a while and snap some photos with him.  He's such a nice guy, not to mention pretty handsome!  ;)

I can't wait until next year to participate again in this ride.  It was well organized and it's for such a great cause.  Although there were a lot of pros riding, there were still plenty of amateurs riding as well.  The scenic views along the course are reason enough to ride.  I'm already looking forward to next October!

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