Hi!  How is it already Wednesday?  I hope you're enjoying your week so far.  We've had some nice weather in Boston, but unfortunately, we're expecting some cool, wet days for the rest of the week.

I started off my week with a 90 minute yoga class at Prana Power Yoga on Sunday.  I was a tad skeptical at first since I didn't enjoy my previous and only experience with yoga.  It was probably six years ago and I wasn't in the shape I am today, which I think had a lot to do with it.

Sunday's HOT class started off great.  I went in with an open mind with only the expectation of sweating and getting in a good stretch.  After only two moves, I got a muscle spasm in my back.  Ugh.  Just when I thought I was healed, this happens!  I remained in child's pose for most of the class, which actually felt great to stretch and sweat.  After a few minutes, I tried to join in with the class again and got another spasm.  Not good!  I was able to do some poses, but for the most part, I spent the class in child's pose.

I'm getting very frustrated.  I took almost eight weeks off from any physical activity to make sure I was healed.  I went to acupuncture, stretched, and foam rolled.  I eased back into running and this is what I get?  I just feel like I should give up altogether, but I know that won't do any good.  On a positive note, the difference between this time and last is that I'm not nearly in as much pain.  While I do have pain, it's not keeping me from sleeping, so I guess that's a good thing.

I hope one day I can move without pain or worry of a back spasm, but until then, I will likely have to include acupuncture as maintenance.  On that note, I am headed off for an acupuncture session.  I hope you enjoy your day!

Do any of you have an injury that continues to return no matter what you do?  How do you cope?

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