(re)Learning How to Ride a Bike

So, this August I will be riding 50 miles with the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) to raise money for the Jimmy Fund. 50 miles really isn't that far, but the thought of it terrified me. You see, I haven't ridden a non-stationary bike since I was a kid. The thought of riding terrified the ish out of me!

A few months ago, I bought a beautiful road bike and it just sat in my apartment collecting dust. I even bought a helmet thinking if I had one, I'd try to ride. Nope! The bike continued to sit in the spare bedroom and I continued to worry about getting on it. Actually, I should clarify. I wasn't so scared of getting on the bike -- It was the falling off part that really got to me!

Finally, after months of worrying, I decided to bite the bullet and relearn (is that even a word?) how to ride a bike. I had no choice. The PMC is only four months away and I need to get comfortable on a bike as well as get in some long training rides to prepare.

Yesterday was one of the first beautiful days in a long time, so I asked if Alison wanted to guide me in remembering how to ride. I think I even told her I expected her to hold my seat while I tried to balance -- just like my dad did when I first learned. I'm pretty sure she flat out refused!  :)  After sitting on my bike for a few minutes (and almost frozen with fear), I just went for it. Ya know what? It all came back to me! It was just like, well, riding a bike! Sure, I have a long way to go before I'm able to call myself a cyclist, but I got over my fear of being road kill and went for it.

For now, I will keep my rides to bike paths until I'm comfortable enough to ride with cars, but I'm okay with that!   I just finished up a short ride in a nearby park and it was awesome feeling the wind in my face. I can't wait until my next ride!

Is there anything you've not done because you have it in your head you'll end up hurt? Do you have advice for anyone who wants to try something new but is too nervous?

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