I realize I've been MIA for the past month or so...  Did any of you notice?  How have you been?

So, I have some good news on the back spasm/pain front.  After popping too many Motrin and almost throwing the foam roller out the window, I decided to give acupuncture a go to see if it would help with my pain.  After one session, I felt a lot of relief.  I completed five sessions over the course of two weeks and I am 99% pain free.  I do still feel some discomfort in the morning or if I've been sitting at my desk for too long, but other than that, I feel awesome!  I highly recommend acupuncture for pain management!

I have started exercising a little bit (not too much too soon), however I am not back to running yet.  The acupuncturist suggested I start with running 1/4 mile to see how I feel.  I'm just really nervous that I'll re-injure myself, but I know if I stretch and listen to my body, I think I will be okay!  I will try a short run on the treadmill this weekend and hopefully it goes well.  *think positively*


Since I haven't run in six weeks, I couldn't participate in the Irish 5k on Sunday.  I was sad that I couldn't run the race, but I was more than happy to cheer on my friends while they raced.  I will also have to bail on the three races I am registered for over the next three weeks.  I am actually headed to Dallas tomorrow -- I was supposed to run the Dallas RnR Half, but I think it's best that I take it easy and just enjoy the the city by walking instead. :)

I'm really hoping to get back into a routine and healthily build up my running (not to mention any lost endurance!).  Since I don't have any races on the horizon until the fall,  I can really set my sights on training properly and making sure I stretch and foam roll every day.

While I couldn't run the race, I was happy to cheer on my friends!  :)

Do you have any tips coming back from an injury?

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