March/April Mini Goals

Hi.  Happy Saturday!  Since March is almost over, I thought I'd combine my mini goals for March and April into one.  But first, let's recap my February goals:

As you know, I've had some back pain issues, so I wasn't really able to exercise at all, let alone take it outdoors!  As for strengthening my back...  Yeah, that didn't really happen either.  The injury I am just recently getting over is piriformis syndrome, which made it very difficult to do anything - Sitting and sleeping were both very uncomfortable.  It was only after a few acupuncture sessions could I stretch and foam roll enough to begin to feel normal.  Basically, the only goal I met was getting to bed at a reasonable hour.  Lately, I've been in bed around 10:00 PM and am usually passed out by 11.  That may be late for some, but I'm usually wide awake past 1:00 AM!

So, I think I will repeat the my first two goals and the third will be to run without pain.  Whether this is only a 1/2 a mile, it's so much farther than I'd been able to run in six weeks.  I think I'll have to add in some torture foam rolling to make sure my muscles stay loose!

Do you set any mini goals for yourself?  What are they?

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