So... I had grand exercise plans for this past weekend. I wanted to create a treadmill workout as well as one for strength training. My plans quickly went out the window when I had the most painful muscle spasm I've ever had in my lower back. It was so bad that I felt lightheaded, saw stars, had ringing in my ears, and was sweating! After a few minutes, I felt better, but my back is in lots of pain.  The only comfortable position is standing up - Sleeping is even uncomfortable.

Just when I feel like I'm getting back into a routine, something like this happens! I won't let this get me down and I will do my best to get better soon. This means lots of rest, stretching, and patience.  This also means I won't be able to run the Hyannis Half in two weeks.  :( I may feel better then, but I don't want to risk re-injury, so I will take it easy.  I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, and in the meantime I've been stretching and massaging the injured area and hoping I get better quickly!

Until I am fully recovered, I will focus on clean, healthy eating.  I will incorporate some of the exercises I did while in PT and hopefully I'll be better in no time.  I really hope I can find out why I continue to have spasms in my lower back.  I had an x-ray, but it showed nothing conclusive.  It's really discouraging to continue getting hurt.  I'm trying to stay positive which, I think helps you heal more quickly!

What do you do to stay positive while injured?  Any tips?  I came across this quote and thought it was appropriate.  What do you think?


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