Pile on the Miles - Week Three

Happy Monday! Here's a quick POTM update for you.

Week three was a bust. I had high hopes of hitting, and even exceeding my mileage goal... But my back had another idea instead. My lower back pain has returned and it is worse than before. I had an X-ray on Thursday which showed a small issue with my spine - luckily nothing major. My doctor suggested physical therapy which I'm actually looking forward to. I'm hoping I can strengthen my back and core so that I won't keep having back issues.

What does this mean for POTM and marathon training? I'm not really sure at this point, but right now I am resting, using a heating pad, stretching, and massaging. It seems to have helped some as I am able to walk on my treadmill with almost no pain. I'm hoping I can get back to running soon, but in the meantime I will be walking and maybe even some cycling to keep up the strength in my legs and glutes.

Week three total miles: 1
Total POTM miles: 21.6

Hope you're having a happy Monday. It's almost over!