Marathon Monday and More Awesomeness!

It's here!  It's finally here!  Marathon Monday has become one of my favorite holidays.  Yes, in Boston it is a holiday.  It really is Patriots' Day but I just consider it a holiday because of the marathon!  :)

This weekend was filled with all kinds of marathon related fun!  Let's start with Friday where I attended an event hosted by Saucony.  I attended the Find Your Strong event last year and was super excited to attend this year (I should really use a thesaurus since I used the word attend three times in the last three sentences!).  The event, which helps to support the Saucony Run For Good Foundation, was filled with lots of inspiring speakers.  Caballo Blano, the author of Born to Run was scheduled to speak, but sadly he died while running a 12-mile trail run a couple of weeks ago.  His friend, and fellow runner Luis Escobar spoke and helped to pay tribute to Caballo.

The next speaker was NY Giant Mark Herzlich.  He is a hottie cancer survivor and he told us his story and how he found his strong.  Karen Smyers spoke next.  She's no biggie - Just a 3X World triathlon champion and may have won an Ironman competition.  She's a slacker.  She survived a sliced hamstring injury, getting hit by an 18-wheeler and thyroid cancer and still managed to win all those triathlons!  The final speaker, and by far my favorite, was 4X Boston and NY marathon winner Bill Rodgers.  I was surprised to find out that he has eight DNFs.  Apparently, Heartbreak Hill is his favorite place to quit!  :)

The whole night was inspiring and I left feeling awesome and ready to rock my next race.  Speaking of which, Saturday morning, I met up with some friends and we went for a run at Castle Island.  It was perfect running weather - Mid 50s and sunny!  After our run, we headed over to the marathon expo!!!  Alison and I were running the BAA 5k on Sunday and we needed to pick up our bibs at the expo.  Then we had a little photo shoot afterward!  :)

Alison and I ran the BAA 5k on Sunday and the best part is that we cross the same finish as the marathoners!  Since the race was at 8:00, the temps weren't too warm.    The sun was shining, but thanks to the tall buildings in Boston, we were in the shade for most of the race!  Perfect running weather!  I remembered two of the hills on the course but completely forgot about the one thrown in the middle!  I did beat my time from last year and Alison ROCKED the race - She shaved SEVEN minutes off of last year's time!  She's totally awesome!

The weekend ended with the main event - The marathon!  I headed to mile 17 with my friend and her kids to cheer on a friend of hers.  I felt for the runners - The temps at the start of the race were in the 70s.  The runners looked great as they approached mile 17 which is the start of some major hills during the race.

We saw a lot of runners in costume for various charities.  This guy was running for the Jimmy Fund.

There was also a strong military presence as well as local police and fire running teams.  I just love this race!

One of these days I will run Boston...  Probably with a charity, but it is definitely on my bucket list!