You Keep a Good Pace

Happy Thursday!  As I typed the title of this post, I realized it's been way too long since I've written a Triple Threat Thursday post.  I've already started writing this one so you'll have to wait with bated breath until next Thursday!

Today was fairly uneventful yet pretty busy!  I started off the day with some coffee and a breakfast burrito.  Into the whole wheat tortilla went one egg scrambled with an egg white, two strips of center cut bacon, reduced fat cheddar cheese and salsa.  I had another juicy orange to go with the burrito.

After breakfast, my dad stopped by with my new-to-me hutch.  A friend of mine was selling her grandmother's hutch and I have been looking for one for a while.  It was meant to be!  My dad had to make a slight adjustment to one of the shelves in order to fit my microwave.  I spent the early afternoon filling the hutch with serving dishes as well as some pieces my grandmother passed on to me.  I think I made a nice new home for the hutch!

Spring forward five hours and I realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast.  I didn't have time for lunch since I needed to head to the auto body shop to get my repaired tire put on my car.  So, I topped some dates with peanut butter to give me some energy for my workout.  Yum!  After a stop at the garage, I headed to the gym.

I had a pretty solid workout.  I ended up hitting up the elliptical for 45 minutes.  After about 20 minutes into the workout, a Tony Soprano looking guy got on the machine to my right.  I finished up my workout but he was still going.  As I took my headphones from my ears, the man said "You keep a good pace".  I thanked him but what I really wanted to say was that I just wanted to make sure I was going faster than you!  Hey, whatever pushes you to work harder is okay in my book!

After the elliptical, I did a quick speed workout on the treadmill.  I warmed up by walking .10 miles.  Then I alternated running .10 mile and walking .05 mile.  I started out at 6.2 MPH and ended with 8.0 MPH for the last .15 miles.  I finished the workout by walking at an incline of four.  After stretching for a bit, I headed home to make dinner.  I was famished!

Tonight's dinner was pretty random.  I am heading to NJ on Saturday for a half marathon, so I am trying to use up all the leftovers in the fridge as well as any produce that won't last until I return.  I ended up having some homemade refried beans topped with reduced fat cheddar, salsa and Greek yogurt.  I made some sweet potato wedges and finished up the rest of the asparagus and Brussels.  It definitely hit the spot!  I will need something sweet later, so I may have a slice of Ezekiel bread with a schmear of cookie butter and some sliced strawberries.

It's 8:00 on Thursday so that means it's time for The Big Bang Theory!  Good night!

What helps you to work harder?