What Motivates You?

Don't worry - I'm not about to get all inspirational on you.  But I am curious to know what motivates you to exercise.  Is it because bathing suit season is approaching or you want to PR in your next race?  Personally, my motivation (as you can tell from the name of my blog) is food!  That may not be the best motivation, but it gets me moving which is what is important!

I didn't have much of a desire to workout today, but I have a race coming up on Sunday and I needed to log some miles (motivation?).  Since our little stint with summer is over, I had to bring the workout indoors.  I may have grown up in New England, but I can be a wimp when it comes to running in 40 degree weather with wind!

Before heading to the gym, I fueled up with an omelet filled with homemade refried beans and reduced fat cheddar.  I topped that bad boy with salsa and served it alongside fruit salad.  It was delicious and hit the spot!

Once I got to the gym, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do.  I knew I needed to do some running, so I hopped on the treadmill.  I ended up walk/running five miles.  I incorporated some speed work just to keep it fresh and so clean clean.  I made sure to stretch since my shins have been a bit sore lately when running...  Which reminds I must ice them sometime soon!

After my workout, I had a smoothie to refuel.  Into the smoothie went coconut milk, a scoop of unflavored protein powder and the rest of the fruit salad I made on Saturday.  It hit the spot, but now I'm ready for dinner!

Here is what I have scheduled for the rest of this week's workouts:

TU:  3 mile run
W: Elliptical and some weights
TH: TM interval run
F: Elliptical and some weights
S: Rest
SU: 1/2 marathon

Have a good night!

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