Today felt just like summer.  It was sunny and in the low 80s with a slight breeze.  After enjoying a cup of coffee in the back yard, I of course had to make a trip to my new favorite spot!  I apparently have a favorite mug too since I used it yesterday (and the day before...).  It could just be that I keep washing it and it is on the drying rack which happens to be right next to the coffee maker.  :)

I had a few errands to run before heading to the park, so I packed a snack of a banana and an almond & coconut KIND bar.  I think this is my favorite flavor - Anything with coconut has to be good, right?!  When I got to the park, I decided to walk for an hour instead of the run I had planned.  Even though there was a nice breeze at the park, it was just too hot to run.  So, I covered about 4.3 miles in 60 minutes.

After my walk, I brought out the yoga mat and stretched for a good 30 minutes.  Please ignore my nasty feet in the photo below!  Time flew by because I was gawking at watching some guys start up a soccer game.  Before I knew it, it was time to head home for an afternoon adult beverage.  That, and I was a bit sunburned - Crazy to get a sunburn in March, but I won't complain.

I headed home and whipped up a grapefruit margarita which I had alongside some chips and salsa to hold me over until dinner.  Yum!  I'm off to watch a full hour of NEW 30 Rock episodes.  Have a good night!

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