Triple Threat Thursday

1. I FINALLY feel human again after completing my first marathon (the full post will come later).  Okay, I am being a bit dramatic.  I did feel pretty darn good when I finished the race, but I was a bit stiff and sore for a couple of days.  Today I woke up and felt I could go for a run.  Of course I didn't - I am still going to wait until Saturday before I venture out on my first post 26.2 run.  I'm milking this "I just finished a marathon" thing for as long as I can.  Translation: I'm going to be lazy and continue refuel my body with extra carbs for a few more days.  Check out my bling below!

2. I made a delicious pot of corn chowder this week.  What's that?  You'd like the recipe?  Okay, I'll post it this week...  Maybe.  Yeah, I'm a slacker.  What's your point?

3. Am I the last one to know about or actually use Google Reader?  When I first fired up my laptop after getting it back from the TSA (story to come later!), I noticed a teeny tiny pair of reading glasses on the menu bar of my browser.  I clicked on it and voila!  Google Reader!  It's genius.  Well maybe not genius, but I like it so much better than bookmarking.  It could just be the itty-bitty pair of glasses that makes me feel like Google Reader is better than any silly bookmark...  That pretty much does the same thing.  I've added all of my favorite blogs to the reader which came in handy when I needed to catch up on my blog reading after going without a laptop for three whole days.  How ever did I survive?