Road Trip!

This weekend my friends Tara, Alison and I went on a road trip to Portland, ME.  We originally had plans to visit the Yuengling brewery in PA, but we didn't plan so well.  We made the best of it and decided to drive up north (or down east?) to Portland.  I've lived in Massachusetts my entire life and I've never been to Portland.  I was looking forward to exploring a new city and enjoying the sights.

After a short run Saturday morning, I packed up the car and was ready to hit the road!  Tara met me at my house and we picked up Alison on our way.  Tara was like a kid on Christmas morning and she was making me more excited as we drove to Alison's.  The weather was perfect for a road trip - It was sunny and in the 50s!

After about two hours in the car, we arrived at our hotel.  We were too early to check in so we decided to walk around town and find a spot for lunch and some adult beverages.  :)  We walked around, read a few menus and decided to eat at Bull Feeney's - A quaint Irish pub.  It had a nice, warm atmosphere and a great selection of both local and imported beers.  I highly recommend Heavy Seas' Loose Cannon.  It has a great flavor and isn't too heavy, but the alcohol level is a bit on the higher side (7.2%).  That's probably why I liked it so much!

I decided to get in character with the hat.  Don't worry, I took it off right after I saw how much I looked like Oliver Twist!  I also made sure to wear it just long enough to embarrass Alison :)
Are Tara's eyes trying to tell Alison to stay away from her beer? 
We started off with a basket of house made mixed fries - A combination of regular and sweet potato fries with a side of horseradish mayo and honey mustard.  They were so good and the horseradish sauce was perfect with the sweet potatoes fries because it was a great balance of spicy and sweet.  I forgot to take a photo of the fries, but I blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol!  For lunch I ordered a cup of French onion soup and a spinach salad topped with strawberries, red onions, walnuts, blue cheese and vinaigrette.  Clearly, the soup was too good for me to take a photo of before it was almost consumed...  But, I was sure to snap a picture of the salad.  Both were really good and hit the spot.

After lunch, we enjoyed a few more beers and had some silly fun with my awesome hat!

We had a fun afternoon - I love girl's weekends!  We finished goofing around and decided to walk around downtown a bit more and poke our heads in a few shops.  We headed back to the hotel and checked in before resting a bit and adventuring out for the night.
Keep an eye out for Part II which will recap Saturday night's dinner and the fun we had on Sunday.  I don't want to spoil it but let's just say 1,700 pounds of chocolate were involved!

I know this post is very picture heavy and I can't promise the next won't, but I was having so much fun and wanted to share with you!  Don't you feel special?