Will Run for Beer

So...  I set out on a 12 mile training run this afternoon along the lovely Minuteman bike path, but my shins decided they didn't want to cooperate.  I was feeling pretty good about my run.  The weather was unseasonably warm, but not too hot.  I was ready to run!  I parked at my friend Alison's house since she lives near the start of the bike path.  I walked a bit to warm up and began my run.

Like I said, I was feeling pretty good about my run...  Until about 1/2 a mile in when my shins began to feel achy.  I usually get some sort of shin pain that tends to work itself out about two miles into the run, but this pain felt a bit different.  I stopped to stretch and had to do this every tenth of a mile or so.  I knew this wasn't my usual pain.  I tried running through it because I was hoping it would work itself out as I ran.  I continued running until my right knee began to ache and then my leg went slightly numb.  I've not had that feeling before, so I decided to listen to my body and stop running.  I hobbled walked back to Alison's and went home a disappointed girl.

It's the WRONG time for pain like this - I am running my first marathon in three weeks and this is the last thing I need!  It was supposed to be my final long run before I begin to taper.  I headed home to ice my knee and shins.  But before getting home, I needed to make a pitstop critical to my injury.  I had to pick up some of this deliciousness...

(It took me two different tries to like this one but now it's a keeper!)
And with a delicious cinnamon-sugar rim...

As I write this post I am icing and guzzling enjoying a pumpkin brew.  I already feel better - Then again, it could be the beer!  :)  Is there a better way to reward myself for completing 12 miles knowing when to stop if you're feeling pain during a run?
Here's to another attempt tomorrow - And hopefully a successful, pain free run!  Prost!

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