Welcome to my blog!  I consider myself a foodie.  I love food - Eating it.  Smelling it.  Cooking it.  Reading about it.  I just love food.

I am also a runner.  It has taken me almost four years of running to consider myself a runner.  You see, I'm not what people would typically think of when they picture a runner - That's probably because I love food!  As much as I am a runner, I do have a love-hate relationship with running.  I enjoy being out on the road and clearing my head with a good run, but running is hard for me.  The part I hate is actually getting going (especially for a long training run), but once I get going, I am glad I am out running.  I also love the sense of accomplishment when my time improves from one race to the next.  I love running in races.  I will never win a race, but finishing is winning in my mind.

I already have a cooking and baking blog, but I thought it would be fun to write a blog that combines two of my favorite things - Food and running.  Both running and cooking are forms of therapy for me.

I hope you enjoy my spin on trying to balance the two for a healthier lifestyle.