Tufts 10K Recap

Happy Columbus Day!  I suppose a Happy belated Columbus Day is in order since it was a week ago!  I have been fighting a really bad head cold over the past week and I just haven't been posting as I should.  I know you missed me!  So....  Here's the my overdue post!

I didn't have Columbus Day as a holiday, but I took it as a vacation day in order to run the Tufts 10K with two of my friends.  We've had some unseasonably warm weather in Boston (hello, 90°) these past few days and today was the warmest of the three.  That's just the kind of luck I have!  At least there was no humidity - I suppose that is the bright side?

I met my friend Alison at her house and we took the train to Boston Common to meet our friend, Chrissy.  I kept thinking I didn't want to do the run because it was so hot, but then I'd just think of it as a training run for the marathon.  We made our way through the sea of women (and some lucky men!) and found Chrissy.  After we checked our bags and some chatting while stretching, we headed over to the start line.  I don't know about you, but I like to be right in the middle - Not up front because I'm just not that fast!  But, I don't like to be in the back either because it's just too far away from the start.  Right in the middle is juuust right for me!

After the wheelchair races started and the singing on our national anthem, we were off and running.  There were a lot of runners (7,500) and it was a bit narrow at the start.  It took about 10 minutes before I was able to settle into a decent pace.  My injury stuck around for the first three miles (!) of the race.  It was uncomfortable, but not painful, so I decided to keep running.  The route took us across the Mass Ave Bridge and past the MIT boathouse.  A good portion of the race was along the Charles River, so it was nice to look at the sailboats and crew teams on the river while I plugged along.

The route was a loop, so I passed by both Chrissy and Alison at some point along the route.  Of course I had to wave obnoxiously to make sure they saw me!  Once I made my way over the Mass Ave bridge for the bridge for the second time, I knew I was close to the finish - Well, I still had about 1.5 miles to go, but that meant I had already run 4.5!  I kept going while singing the chorus of Beyonce's Single Ladies over and over in my head - I had forgotten my iPod in my bag so I had to rely on my mad singing skills to keep going.  I wanted to stop and walk when I approached the five mile mark.  I was just so hot and ready to be done.  Then I heard a bystander yell out "You can do it - Only one mile to go!".  Then a girl behind me responded "1.2 miles.  1.2 miles to go!  Don't forget that .2!".  I don't know about you, but that .2 miles is big when you've already run six in 90 degree weather.  I laughed and kept running because I knew I wouldn't be happy with myself if I quit with only 1.2 miles to go.  I crossed the finish line with a smile and headed through the chute to collect my post-race goodies.

I met up with Chrissy and Alison a little while later while enjoying some PowerAde and a banana.  Although it was hot and I was in pain for the first three miles, I was happy I ran and finished.  I didn't PR but it was within my usual 10K time.

How did you enjoy your Columbus Day?  I know a lot of my friends had to work, but I hope those of you who had it off were able to enjoy it!

Post-race - Nice and sweaty!