Triple Threat Thursdays

Welcome to a new weekly post that I cleverly titled Triple Threat Thursdays (I promise, I won't quit my day job!).  I know all FIVE followers of my blog wait with bated breath for new posts, so I thought it would be fun to write down three quick things from my day.  How excited are you?!

1. Today is my final training run before my first marathon - The 36th Annual Marine Corps Marathon in our nation's capital.  Of course it is currently 45 degrees and raining, but I will power through it.  What will motivate me is being able to eat a couple dozen of these bad boys when I get home.  Yep, it's all worth it!  Don't you just love the quality of my phone's camera?  I've not yet broken down and bought an iPhone.  I'm still rockin' it old school with a crackberry!

2. Sunday's forecast for DC is looking good!

3. What I am eating for lunch as I slave away at work type this post: Salad with spinach, romaine, cucumbers, tomatoes and a can of tuna, as is.  I topped it with one of my favorite dressings from Trader Joe's - Hummus salad dressing.  I suppose I could just top my salad with hummus, but this is the perfect viscosity for pouring.  Yeah, I wrote viscosity.  I'm smart like that use the thesaurus feature in MS Word.  I will enjoy an apple and maybe even some of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I brought in for my coworkers.  Ssshhhhh...  They will never know!

What are you up to today?  If it's cold and rainy in your neck of the woods, I hope you're keeping warm and dry.

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